[090507] Living room Coffee house II

Here we go again!
First off, thank you Sean, for taking me to the living room.
I always ask him to go there, and usually more than once during the stay.

Above: Gyros
Gyros are Greek sandwiches with lamb, onions, tomatoes, mayo... I think. Here is a wiki page for you people who don't trust me.>>
It was something like Today's special, I don't think they have Gyros as a regular dish, so hurry!!:) Actually, there is a great place to eat gyros in Coronado Island, but we couldn't make it there this time, so I will try next time and put it up on here. Maybe in Autumn.
Below: Chicken Curry Salad
It was not the first time I got this... I love the salads they have. Even if I order the same thing, it always comes out slightly different, the garnish, fruits, and plate. And I guess there is also a different person in the kitchen each time I go.
I got strawberries on top of the chicken curry this time. Yum yum yummy!

I would love to steal some of their recipes, if I could, someday.



[090506] Living room Coffee house I

Look what I got... Strawberry Cheese cake! Yuuuuum!!
I enjoyed each of the moment while I was eating this killer bomb. Ah...

It has been a great time since I arrived here in San Diego.
I remember that Mark said "Time is money, and it is more valuable." and I strongly agree. This one week vacation may cost a lot for the flight tickets and all, but it feels to me that I have been getting much more than that. I am happier than ever, sharing time with him, and there is no doubt that this is the ultimate treat for myself. Plus, now I got cheese cake right here in front of me, so what else could I possibly expect!?