[111122] Hobbes doll No.6 is on Etsy

Yes!! I just finished my 6th (I think it is...) Hobbes doll yesterday, and took some pictures of him today, and listed on Etsy now:)
Please check him out!! (Click here to go to my listing)

Here is a picture of him...

I still have some yarns in my drawers, so I might make another one soon, maybe around new years...

Wishing you all happy holidays!!!



[111116] Short Animation for Spud Davenport's song

Special thanks to Spud Davenport!
Check out his songs on his website!
I made a short animation for his song, Don't Flip Your Lid. Very catchy and fun song!

It's been a while since I did my last 'Animation Friday' project... Too many things that I want to do, and it will be my major problem forever. Haha!

Now I've got to make some Hobbes dolls for the Holiday season, and then, back to Quilting!! Yay!!