[110527] Animation Friday 2

Here's the animation of the week:) It's still simple, but I think I am learning a lot...
And guess what I will do for next week! One of my friends has given me a chance to do a short music vid for his song. Well, not short at all actually... 3 minutes. I try my best to finish up even though it's three times longer. I hope to get it done by Thursday as Sean and Ai are traveling to Texas next weekend! So excited:D



[110520] Animation Friday 1

It's been a while! I am alive... First off, I would like to thank you all for liking my Hobbes doll:D I have just moved to California last month, and I still need some yarn to work on another doll, but when I get ready, I will work on it and post here to let you know.

Anyway, what I am up to these days is this; Animation Friday Project. Last week, I decided to make a short animation a week. The rule is that it has to be at least one minute. I will do 10 seconds a day from Saturday to Thursday, and every Friday will be the review day for the week, and also brainstorming day for the next week. I am like a baby on this stuff, so please forgive the roughness... I will get better, eventually... I hope:)