[091130] Odaiba

I have never really traveled around Tokyo, so it was a very good opportunity for me to travel around with her.
We went to Asakusa, Sakuradamon, and Shinjuku, and we arrived at Odaiba quite late.
Fuji TV station was already closed up and I was so sorry for her because I knew she was looking forward to it... aww.
We took a ride on the ferris wheel and had a delicious Tonkatsu for dinner:)

Again, I had to hide her for her privacy... Hehehe



[091129] Tokyo Disney Sea

Aahhh looong time no write... I missed it so much.

My friend from overseas came to Japan, and she wanted to visit Tokyo Disney Land and Sea, and we made it! For the Sea, my dear friends Jackie and Oichun, and my wonderful colleagues Ami and Suguru joined us. Look how excited we were!

I had to hide her for her privacy... hehehe.