[100830] One and only T-shirt of myself

This year, I participated in a show called 第22回Tシャツアート展 and got the final product back in my hands today! It's a T-shirt that has my self-portrait on it. My family loved it as well as I do, and here is a picture of it:)

This summer has been super hot and that is why I added 暑 to the design. I won't forget this crazy heat. Hahaha
I heard that my drawing won a prize and I got extra happy! Nothing fancy, but a wee prize, but still it sure brightened my day:)



[100825] Useless Clutch

I have never handled a clutch as a crafter... and it was fun and tough for me:)
Today, I finished a Useless clutch purse. My sewing machine is so old and it had not been working well until last week. I finally got my grandma to take a look at it, and then it started working way better since then... My grandma used to work in an industrial facility that deals with sewing machines, so asking her was the right choice:)

Okay, so here is a picture of the clutch.

This Useless is almost the same as the one on the sneakers as you may notice. It's such a simple pattern of Useless, so I added some things like a fig leaf, and sprouts. The back side also got some sprouts on it:) I love it, and I wish I could put it up on Etsy, but I will have to wait until I get better at handling clutches. I have 4 or 5 more clutches in different sizes, so let's see what I can do with them.

Happy crafting, people!:D



[100820] Docomo dake mushroom

My friend Jon from Chicago sent me a gift early this year, and I ever wanted to send something back to him since then. And here I come, I crocheted a Docomo dake mushroom doll for him, as I remember when he visited Japan, he seemed to be really liking it. For those of you who have no idea what the mushroom dude is, here is a link to its wiki page.

It's been shipped today via EMS, so I hope he will receive it sometime next week:) I wonder what he says. Hahaha

I am not being cocky here, but I am pretty satisfied how it came out actually. I even thing I should have taken some notes to remember how I made this. In case there is anybody who wants one, or wants a pattern for this, please contact me so I can do my best for you:)

Next up, another crochet doll for another precious friend of mine. Fun!!



[100811] Shrimp postcard 2

I have been meaning to get this postcard up on my Etsy store these days and finally I did, today! My first shrimp collage card was purchased this afternoon (Yay!) and I simply needed to get something else up on my store. Here is a picture of my second shrimp card:)

To see more, please visit my Etsy store.

I am now working on a squid collage card, so stay tuned!:D



[100805] First Pumpkin of this summer

When I was about to leave home today, my grandma called me from the back yard and said 'Hey Ai, check this out. Tada-! Kabocha!!'
Kabocha is pumpkins in Japanese:) I was totally stunned when I saw it; it was HUGE!:D I have seen even bigger ones abroad, but this one is definitely one of the biggest I've ever seen in Japan... She is such a great farmer. Here is a picture of my grandma and her deliciously grown pumpkin.

'We will have some pumpkin salad, tonight,' she smiled.

It is so amazing that she actually grows something like this awesome full grown vegetable in such a small back yard. When I get to have a house one day, I would definitely try the same as she does. My grandma is also a great chef, and I always ask her, 'How did you cook? May I have your recipe? ...please?' and she ALWAYS says, 'Nothing special. Just add some love:)' and she never tells me the recipe. Haha, but I know she doesn't measure ingredients, and she just uses what she has in the kitchen and fridge, so I don't complain;)
I think those vegetables she grows are also filled with lots of love, and that is why they are so delicious.



[100801] Useless x Converse

Useless is collaborating with Converse, as part of a project that my friend Maki is working on.
Here are the links to her project;

So, she gave me an opportunity to make Useless sneakers to include in her book. (Thank you so much, Maki san!) A picture of the shoes is on Facebook too, but I post another picture on this blog post so you get to see them:)

It was so fun working on these. Blank white sneakers made me feel like a child with crayons and a piece of paper:)