[131018] Fishing Report ::: OB Pier :::

Even though fishing seems to be slowing down with the fall weather, we still go fishing on weekends:)

Today, we went to OB pier, one of our favorite places to fish.
We caught about 15 minnows with a sabiki rig, and used them for bait.
We never had any luck on live baits, but today, we did!
Here is what we caught;

We think it is a juvenile white sea bass, but we need to confirm that, because we would love to catch a legal size white sea bass someday!!:) It is such a cool looking fish!



[131006] Fishing Report ::: Mission Point :::

It was a beautiful day out, and we decided to go fishing at a new spot today:)
We went to Mission Point in Mission Bay area.
We first tried right in front of the bathroom by the parking lot, and caught a few small calico bass with shrimp and squid, and also, caught this beautiful kelpfish.

We have caught Giant kelpfish many times before, but have never seen these white paint-like pattern on its body. So pretty!

Then, we had a sandwich break, and moved to the picnic area. We had bunch of bites, and caught 12 inch Spotted Bay Bass, and a Stingray:)

It was a great fishing day~*

Happy autumn fishing, all!



[130709] Fishing Report 14 :: Crystal Pier ::

We went to Crystal Pier in PB today, for the second time.
There were some people catching legal size halibut, and we really wanted to catch one, too, but we had no luck... But, we caught a nice size spotfin croaker to bring home:)

 It measured 17 1/2 inches, weighed 2.5 lb.

First time grilling fish!
It turned out great:D So delicious!

Can't wait for the next fishing trip!~*



[130722] Fishing Report ::: Spanish Landing :::

We went fishing at Spanish Landing Park for the first time:)
It started very slow, but later on, we caught some good size fish!


My very first Shovelnose!
Such a cute fish!!


He gave me a pretty good fight,
even though he was a young one:)

We don't know what this is...
After googling, we think it is a kind of Goby??? 

Opaleye. Beautiful~*

We still haven't taken any fish for food... Next time, we hope to catch something big enough to keep:D



[130717] Fishing Report ::: Mission Beach :::

We caught more than 10 fish today, at our favorite spot on the Jetties.
There are many kinds of fish we have never seen...
Here are some pictures of them;)



[130713] Fishing Report ::: Mission Beach :::

We went fishing at the Jetties in Mission Beach this afternoon, at the same spot we fished yesterday:)  It was a beautiful day, and we had a great time being in the sun with the ocean breeze!  Although I caught nothing, my husband caught 5 fish~* Fun fun!!

Since we are absolute beginners in San Diego, we don't know what we are catching...  We asked people, and also googled after we got home, and here's what we think they are;

Kelp Fish? 

Calico Bass 


My husband got stung by this fish, Sculpin, and from the pain, he could tell it was venomous!!  We asked one diver who were around our spot, and he said he also got stung by something.  We showed him the picture of the fish, and he instantly said, "Yeah, that. that's the guy."  The diver's hand was way, way worse than my husband's, and he said the pain is way, way worse than a stingray sting... Ouch!

My husband's hands after we got home
His right hand was like a balloon!

We learned an important lesson today:)



[130201] "Map It Out" Reader Challenge

Here is my entry for the reader challenge "Map It Out" on Quilting Arts Magazine.
Unfortunately, I didn't get selected this time... but it was all fun!!

::: Brief Explanation of my piece :::
My husband and I always wanted to travel around the world,
but we haven't made it happen yet.
One of the places we would love to visit is Ha Long Bay, Vietnam.
So, we came up with a New Year's resolution to learn Vietnamese.

So far, we haven't broken our resolution.

Vietnamese has many tones and sounds that are foreign to us,
and they sound very musical.
We are dreaming of the travel by singing the tones that map out their

We are traveling a whole new path!

I hope you enjoy!
Happy stitching~*


[130201] Welcome Quilt for my friend's wedding

A good friend of mine from High school is just about to get married in a couple of weeks! (Congratulations, Reina!) I won't be able to join them for their wedding in Tokyo, so to express my happiness for them, I made this welcome sign quilt so that they can hang it at their reception:)
I really hope they like it!

It's a plum tree with the letter 寿. I had so much fun working on this:)