[121222] Mail Lady Quilt

I have been telling this to my husband so many times... I love our mail lady!:)
She is always smiling, and every time we schedule a pick up and she comes to our door, she brings the mails with her, instead of just putting them in the mail box, and says "This is for you!"

This holiday season, I was inspired to make a small thing to give to her, as a Christmas gift.
I stated working on it, thinking of a fabric holiday card with the USPS logo on it. And then I thought, hmm... maybe the USPS truck will be cute..., then I prepared all pieces of fabric to form her truck with the logo. But it was already too big for a card, and I couldn't go any smaller because the logo was a bit complicated to applique.
My husband asked me, "What are you making?" and all I could say was,"I... don't know."

After two days, I finally finished it. It's a pot holder! (I think. Well, maybe she can decide what to use it as...)

Too bad that we don't even know her name. But that's okay, she is awesome anyway!
I hope she likes it...



[111216] Hobbes doll No. 7

My 7th Hobbes doll is now finished:)
Here is a sneak peak....

Happy holidays!



[111122] Hobbes doll No.6 is on Etsy

Yes!! I just finished my 6th (I think it is...) Hobbes doll yesterday, and took some pictures of him today, and listed on Etsy now:)
Please check him out!! (Click here to go to my listing)

Here is a picture of him...

I still have some yarns in my drawers, so I might make another one soon, maybe around new years...

Wishing you all happy holidays!!!



[111116] Short Animation for Spud Davenport's song

Special thanks to Spud Davenport!
Check out his songs on his website!
I made a short animation for his song, Don't Flip Your Lid. Very catchy and fun song!

It's been a while since I did my last 'Animation Friday' project... Too many things that I want to do, and it will be my major problem forever. Haha!

Now I've got to make some Hobbes dolls for the Holiday season, and then, back to Quilting!! Yay!!



[110830] Days learning how to quilt, and my artquilt

Long time no posts (as usual). After one month of illness, my Animation Friday project got suspended... I may work on it whenever I am creative enough to do it on my computer:)
So, I was talking to my mom on the phone the other day and she told me, 'Maybe you could start learning something new, like go take a class somewhere... How about leaning how to make quilts?' She is a great sewer, and so is my grandmother. Not me. I am more of a knitter, maybe, like I do crochet a lot... but I ever wished that I could sew my own clothes. I remember my mom used to teach me how to make little things like a simple bag, and a pin-cushion, but that is all by hand. She used to own a nice (well, it looked really nice back then!) computerized sewing machine, and she got very busy on her work and she stopped using it. (or maybe it was broken.) In the past 7 or 8 years, all she does is hand-sewing. She uses some old Japanese scrap fabrics and sew beautiful ornaments. As her daughter, I think she is an amazing sewer, as her stitches are almost invisible... they are so tiny and even. Well, why don't I pick up a needle and start sewing, like she does?
I told her on the phone that I would go look for a good sewing machine and see if I can afford. After googling sewing machines and stores nearby, I found out that there is a quilt shop that sells a huge variety of fabric and supplies, and Janome sewing machines. Janome is one the top manufacturers in Japan I think, well, I never owned a sewing machine and I don't remember what my mom's machine was of, but I have heard of that:) So I took a bus to the store on the next day.

The store is called Rosie's Calico Cupboard, located on El Cajon Blvd. When I fist went in there, I was amazed how big it was. All of the staff members are very, very nice, and they create this welcoming feel to the store. Every time I go up there, it's busy. Every single time. (and that is great for them!!) And yes, I bought my first sewing machine and it's a Janome... I had no idea where to start, but I was very excited to have it on my desk.
They have some classes there, too, and I successfully took the last seat for 'Introduction to Quiltmaking' and 'Machine Quilting' this month. I have been learning a lot about how to prepare fabrics, how to sew, and how to quilt. There has been many moments when I go "Ah---" and "Oh---", because the things they teach me make sense, and make things that I ever wondered clear in my head.

The more I sew, I feel comfortable sewing with my Janome. Oh, my husband named her 'Big Mamma'... my dear sewing machine;)
I recently finished my first art quilt. It is of our lovely goldfish, Titty. She is a pearlscale (but not with balloons on her forehead) and is very fat and round, like a tennis ball. It's been about 5 years since we brought her home. Anyway, I made this quilt for a small quilt contest that will be held in November, in Yokohama, Japan. Here is a close-up photo of the quilt.

I am so glad that I finished this on time, even though I had some thread-tension problems when I quilted it... I would love to thank everyone at Rosie's, and Debby, my teacher:) I am going to work on the next project from this weekend. Very excited!:D



[110527] Animation Friday 2

Here's the animation of the week:) It's still simple, but I think I am learning a lot...
And guess what I will do for next week! One of my friends has given me a chance to do a short music vid for his song. Well, not short at all actually... 3 minutes. I try my best to finish up even though it's three times longer. I hope to get it done by Thursday as Sean and Ai are traveling to Texas next weekend! So excited:D



[110520] Animation Friday 1

It's been a while! I am alive... First off, I would like to thank you all for liking my Hobbes doll:D I have just moved to California last month, and I still need some yarn to work on another doll, but when I get ready, I will work on it and post here to let you know.

Anyway, what I am up to these days is this; Animation Friday Project. Last week, I decided to make a short animation a week. The rule is that it has to be at least one minute. I will do 10 seconds a day from Saturday to Thursday, and every Friday will be the review day for the week, and also brainstorming day for the next week. I am like a baby on this stuff, so please forgive the roughness... I will get better, eventually... I hope:)




[110212] My Hobbes doll No.5 is now traveling

Long time no update... been so out of any creative activities for the past few months. Thanks to this order I took last week, I really had a great time doing my stuff for the first time in a while. So here you go; the Hobbes doll No.5:)

My 5th Hobbes doll comes to live
It snowed last night, and when we got outside, there was a bit of snow remained. He is traveling to Canada now, and I hope he keeps himself warm on the way and I am wishing him a safe flight. HUGE thanks to all of you for telling me that you love my doll always. That is something that makes me keep going and it cheers me up, a lot.