[130201] "Map It Out" Reader Challenge

Here is my entry for the reader challenge "Map It Out" on Quilting Arts Magazine.
Unfortunately, I didn't get selected this time... but it was all fun!!

::: Brief Explanation of my piece :::
My husband and I always wanted to travel around the world,
but we haven't made it happen yet.
One of the places we would love to visit is Ha Long Bay, Vietnam.
So, we came up with a New Year's resolution to learn Vietnamese.

So far, we haven't broken our resolution.

Vietnamese has many tones and sounds that are foreign to us,
and they sound very musical.
We are dreaming of the travel by singing the tones that map out their

We are traveling a whole new path!

I hope you enjoy!
Happy stitching~*


[130201] Welcome Quilt for my friend's wedding

A good friend of mine from High school is just about to get married in a couple of weeks! (Congratulations, Reina!) I won't be able to join them for their wedding in Tokyo, so to express my happiness for them, I made this welcome sign quilt so that they can hang it at their reception:)
I really hope they like it!

It's a plum tree with the letter 寿. I had so much fun working on this:)