[120927] My Staycation Postcard

Yay! I just finished my quilted sushi for Staycation postcard Reader Challenge:)
It's a 4 x 6 postcard size quilt. My husband loves how the beer bottle came out. My favorite part is the shrimp sushi. I think it's really cute looking!

Happy quilting!:D



[120921] ATC's Challenge at Quilting Arts Magazine

After finishing an art quilt for 2012 International Quilt Week Yokohama (Japan), I decided to try the latest reader challenge on Quilting Arts Magazine. You will find out about the challenge on their website, if you are interested in participating! Fun, fun!!

The theme is "What's in your heart?" I thought of my husband (Haha), my family, my dog, my dreams..., and then, somehow, I remembered a conversation we had with our neighbor. "What kind of super power would you like to have?" We came up with a couple of things, but I only had one that I would LOVE to have as my super power... To be able to fly!!! One night, I had a dream that I was flying over houses, buildings, mountains, and valleys. Since then, it's always been in my heart. That's where my quilt for the challenge came from:)

It's me, flying over the mountains! I wish I could fly like this. That would be so amazing.



[120620] Hobbes doll No.16

My customer from UK gave me a great opportunity to crochet a Hobbes doll with a new color! I usually use the color of "gold", but this one is with the color of "carrot", and we are so happy to see how cute it came out.

Thanks again so much for the people who have hit me up and told me that they love my dolls. Your words and smiles are my energy source:)



[120601] Dragon Quilt on Quilting Arts Magazine

My first art quilt of this year has made it to the Reader Challenge "From Sketch to Art Quilt" on Quilting Arts Magazine June/July issue. I am so happy to see in on the page!

It's already been half way of 2012, and I feel so graceful that I have many upcoming projects occupying my second half of this year:)



[120402] Quilted Sewing Machine Cover

I clean my sewing machine every once in a while, inside out, but it still gets dusty as it is just sitting on my desk. I had this idea of making a cover just to have my precious sewing machine protected from everyday dust.

Looked at my fabric drawer to seek for what to use for the cover, and I saw this beautiful bubbly blue fabric that I purchased from Rosie's couple of months ago. Hmm, it kind of looks like water. Then I came up with an aquarium theme design....

This picture above is the front side with mermaid Useless, and on the back side there is Dragomander. I love how it came out:) It also has an opening on top where you can pull up the handle of the sewing machine so that you can carry it with the cover on.

Now I am working on my mom's birthday gift, and it is going to be a lap quilt...
Happy quilting everybody!



[120313] Hobbes doll No.13 is now on Etsy

Thank you all so much for loving my Hobbes dolls!
For the past couple of months, I was making them only for the requests I received. Today, I finally have one Hobbes doll on my Etsy site for everyone to take a look and purchase!

Here is a picture of him;

He is my 13th Hobbes doll:)

Thanks again, and wish you all a wonderful day!!



[120113] Flag quilts

Since the last fourth of July, I have always wanted to make an American flag to hand on our door... and it was a great chance for me to use some of the fabric and batting that I received from the international quilt contest:) I know that there is still a half year until the next fourth of July... but I like how it came out anyway! Cute!!

And as a Japanese, I had to make a Japanese flag as well!!

I quilted my family crest "Daki Miyoga" inside the red circle. Hehehe;)



[120105] Useless Baby Quilt

The last project of the year of 2011 was my first baby quilt challenge...
It's for my nephew, little baby Henry:)
I finished this piece one day after he was born!! It was so much fun working on this, thinking of him and his lovely parents, Corrie, and Benjamin.

Today, Corrie sent me a picture of him with the quilt, and I am very, very happy to hear that they like my quilt! Yay, yay!!