[101025] My 4th Hobbes Doll

I took this order from a customer in the states a few months ago, and since they were not on a rush, all the other orders and work kind of took over my days, and the next thing I knew was that I needed to finish it within a couple of days. I felt horrible... and I was so sorry for my customer. I think I should have a small notebook with me all the time and keep everything on track from now on.

It's the 4th Hobbes doll of mine. I still don't have a pattern written yet. I think I should, but I don't know how to write a pattern. Hehe, gotta learn it soon;) Here is a picture of him below:

I hope they like him:) I might crochet one more, just in case I get another order in the future. Next up probably is Birdock the 3rd, and then Ah fook, and then Puni puni... Fun fun;)



[101014] Last Day of the Stay

Sean has been here in Tokyo from the 1st of October, and he is leaving today.
It's been so fast and I had a great time being with him:) Since I needed to work a few times while he is here, every minute of the time when we spend together was so precious. Even though I knew he was tired, we tried and  made it to the Ueno Antique Festival in the morning. It's so much fun at the festival because we both love antiques. He bought a Japanese print, little purses made with Japanese cloth, some old coins and bills. We also found a nice ring. The owner of the shop is a funny guy, it was one of our favorite shops at the festival. The owner said that this ring was worn by a lady who lived until her mid 90s. The gem is Topaz (I don't really trust him on this part though. And it doesn't matter anyway, because this ring is just like an empty container for us to put our beautiful memories and it's priceless!)

Photo taken on the way back home from Ueno. I am going to miss him so much. Argh...
I can't wait for the next time he is in town!!