[130722] Fishing Report ::: Spanish Landing :::

We went fishing at Spanish Landing Park for the first time:)
It started very slow, but later on, we caught some good size fish!


My very first Shovelnose!
Such a cute fish!!


He gave me a pretty good fight,
even though he was a young one:)

We don't know what this is...
After googling, we think it is a kind of Goby??? 

Opaleye. Beautiful~*

We still haven't taken any fish for food... Next time, we hope to catch something big enough to keep:D



[130717] Fishing Report ::: Mission Beach :::

We caught more than 10 fish today, at our favorite spot on the Jetties.
There are many kinds of fish we have never seen...
Here are some pictures of them;)



[130713] Fishing Report ::: Mission Beach :::

We went fishing at the Jetties in Mission Beach this afternoon, at the same spot we fished yesterday:)  It was a beautiful day, and we had a great time being in the sun with the ocean breeze!  Although I caught nothing, my husband caught 5 fish~* Fun fun!!

Since we are absolute beginners in San Diego, we don't know what we are catching...  We asked people, and also googled after we got home, and here's what we think they are;

Kelp Fish? 

Calico Bass 


My husband got stung by this fish, Sculpin, and from the pain, he could tell it was venomous!!  We asked one diver who were around our spot, and he said he also got stung by something.  We showed him the picture of the fish, and he instantly said, "Yeah, that. that's the guy."  The diver's hand was way, way worse than my husband's, and he said the pain is way, way worse than a stingray sting... Ouch!

My husband's hands after we got home
His right hand was like a balloon!

We learned an important lesson today:)