[100226] Stuffed Useless

I am glad that I nailed this one... I don't even remember exactly how I made it, but it doesn't look bad, does it?  :D

▲ Useless chilling out on the shelf.
▼ Front look.

Making things like this is always fun and frustrating at the same time... a lot of struggles. I will be making Neko, Huhu, and another Useless next week and I hope they come out better:)



[100223] In the Car

We went to the UPS store again today, because I finally got the copies of my book this morning, put them in envelopes, ready for shipping!

On the way back, Useless and the little worm asked me for a snapshot. Above is with the vent. Obviously, this car needs to be cleaned!! :D



[100222] 20th Mini Canvas

I just finished painting the 20th mini canvas, which is also the last one I have. I might get some more, but before that, I will be working on figurines and stuffed Useless this week.

▲ Beautiful Bella.
▼ Mama Skippy and Chuck.

Here is a picture of the little section that I use as a gallery. Hahaha!



[100220] The Year of The Tiger

Yes, that is how Huhu (the tiger on the right in the picture below) was born. I didn't expect that he would become one of the major characters in the Useless world, but he really nailed it.

Next up will be... Chuck, and a beautiful girl, Bella:)



[100219] New Mini Canvas Magnets

I made a lot today! Well, Useless, Neko, and Titty are well known... Charlie from the Big Fellas, and Spud, I've been thinking of drawing them for a few weeks and I finally did. Yay!

I painted some more, but I can't show it here, just yet. It is traveling to Poland. Wahaha;)



[100218] Found Taro Growing

I found my taro potatoes started growing in the cabinet today... CUTE! Two out of four had baby leaves and I planted them in the pot outside. We will see how it goes.

▼ "How are you doing, babe?"

Later today, when I was about to cook dinner, I found one of my onions growing, too. He is too big to plant, so I am leaving him in the kitchen. Hahaha

I finished up the paper clay tonight. It feels so good not to have left overs!! :D
▼ Move, Useless! I'm trying to work!!



[100216] More Dolls!

▼ He is up on the fridge...

▼ "Dude, you are so fat!!"

▼ "How much beer have you drank today?"

▼ "Oh Noooooooooooooo!"

▼ "I am in the office:)"

I also made a Neko doll, but I haven't painted her yet... maybe tomorrow. 
My paper clay is 1/2 now. I guess I can make three more figurines:D



[102015] Useless Doll

I got some paper clay last Saturday and I made a Useless doll. He came to live!!! YAY!
Snapshot 1: At the table with my paints on the back...

Snapshot 2: Morning coffee.

Snapshot 3: Quick dog nap in the afternoon.
Snapshot 4: Another cup of coffee. It's HUGE!!

Snapshot 5: This is my baby pool... but it's a bit too chilly for bathing today.
Snapshot 6: Up on the tree! (with a leaf in my crotch...)

Snapshot 7: Mm' heaven! Love salads!!

Snapshot 8: Take me home, dude.

He will explore the world more from now on. And he says he wants to help me cook someday, and he sure will:) Mwahahahaha 



[100212] Valentine's gift

Valentine's Day this weekend!
I had some magnet sheet leftovers, so I made another one for my boyfriend. This tiger, yes, it is a tiger:)

I hope he likes it... Wahahaha


[100212] Roberta on canvas

Now, I need some more magnet sheets! Today, I painted two drawings, one is of our dear neighbor, Roberta, and the other one is of, again, Maxi and Moritz.

I have 13 mini canvases left. Might go to the art supply shop again this weekend... Hmm. FUN!



[100209] Maxi and Moritz Fridge Magnets

Tonight, I finished these two little canvas magnets for Mark. Maxi, the white dog, and Moritz, the brown dog, are truly adorable buddies. Last time I was at Mark's, I saw them fall asleep and Maxi was snoring like a business man in a train car! Moritz was having some dream and I saw his legs move, as if he were swimming around.

You would probably notice that the 'T' as in 'Moritz' looks rough... Yes, I did make a mistake there and I first wrote Moriz and then realized that it was actually MoriTz. This kind of thing happens to me all the time...



[100208] Useless' got class!

Kennis is Useless' next door neighbor:) Classy enough with a bottle of wine on your hand, Useless...