[090926] Creating a cartoon

Ladies and gentlemen, here I introduce this new character in our cartoon...

Special note: he loves sausages.



[090921] Coronado Island

It is my last day today... it's been so fast as if I'd just arrived yesterday.

It was already close to 6 pm when we got there... and still enjoyed the beautiful view.
Thanks to food network, I was craving for ice cream and muffins... and we do know that there is an ice cream place in Hotel Del Coronado. We passed by the ice cream shop, but I didn't get any, because I was still stuffed with warm spinach salad from the living room :P

See the bird in this picture?
We were waiting and hoping to see him catch a fish, but he was disturbed by a smaller dude (yes, he was mad!) and flew away at last. Hmm, no fun!



[090920] La Jolla

La Jolla is such a beautiful place...

Last time we came here; La Jolla Cove, there was a mad woman who saw that some people including us got out of the fence and went closer to the cliff.
I remember she said, "Hey guys, don't you see the sign that says 'Stay out of the cliff' right there?" Yes, there sure was a sign at that time, but today, there wasn't. there wasn't even the gate... seemed like somebody took it out. Haha:) When we got there, there were some tourists went way down from the cliff; we didn't know that you could actually walk down to the water.

Picture below is of the birds that are resting their wings on the cliff (I guess they are cormorants, seagulls, and brown pelicans.)

This is one of the brown pelicans flying around and around over the cliff. I couldn't quite capture it because it was going to fast and far...

And we also met this little cute squirrel who built his house right in front of the fence. Adorable!

Aww I wanted to hold him so bad!!! XD



[090919] Inflatable World

Happy Birthday Bella!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Today, we went to Bella's 5th birthday party near Mission Center.
The place is called Inflatable World, and there are many air-filled sliders of giant ship, gorilla, shark... I was going to be just looking at the children have fun, but they got us to wear socks and slide!! Ah, it was so fun.

Here is a picture of the lovely cupcake that Bella made. And it was yum!!!!

After the party, we went back home to have a quick shower to rinse off all the sweat and everything... (Climbing up on the sliders and running with the children was something that I had not done for ages!) It was not until we got in that we finally cut off the green bands we got from Inflatable World.

I wonder if Bella is having another party next year... I'm in! Hahaha:)



[090917] Sea World

Went to the Sea World!!! Even though we only got there at around 2:30pm, we didn't miss the Shamu (killer whales) show :D
We sat in soak zone, but Shamu didn't splash at us... Lucky us!? Hehe



[090916] Old Town

Yay! I stole this ladybug dude from the trunk today!! Mwahaha!
He is sitting on the canon in the plaza in Old Town. So proud!



[090914] Ocean Beach

This is something I do every single time I visit San Diego. Going to the Living Room Coffee House! I had Raspberry Cheesecake. Since almost everything comes in a generous portion in the states, I knew that I wouldn't be able to finish if I ordered anything else with my cake, like salads, sandwiches, etc. But there was a green salad looking yummy on our table, so I couldn't resist to taste it... (Who ordered it? Hehehe, thank you...)

After the late lunch, we went to Ocean Beach to check out the antique shops there.
There is our favorite antique shop, but funny, I never cared about the store name... Okay, next time, I will keep my eye open and find out what the shop name is:) The picture below is taken from the front door of the shop. Hope this may be a wee hint for those of you who know OB pretty well...

One of the reasons why I love OB is that there is a dog beach and it is very soothing for me to walk around. I am a dog person. Things that come to my mind when I hear the word "OB" are; Hippies, Skate borders, Antique shops, Dogs, and Oysters:) I adore this place!



[090908] Happy Birthday Sean!

These are when Titty was still living in the small tank in the kitchen. 2007! Damn, we are getting old:D
I am going to take pictures of Titty, and see how big she has grown. Mwahahaha.

I wish I could steal your birthday cake...



[090905] Lovely Lucky

My dog, Lucky is originally from Okinawa.
Back in early 2005, when I was studying Bashoshi (a kind of handmade papers) during the end of my 3rd year of Univ., I met her at the vet nearby the place that I was staying in.
Her birthday is the 24th of December, 2004. At the first impression, I knew I would take her with me back to Tokyo. Even though she was only one and a half months old, she got on the plane and took a two hour train ride afterward, and she was as energetic as ever when she finally met and joined my family in Chiba.

This summer, two of my team members spent their vacations in Okinawa, and they make me want to go there, too, by telling me their awesome stories they had.... *sigh*

But, I will be off soon, too. My summer vacation is coming up in a week... Can't wait!!!:D



[090901] Got a new pair of glasses

I found a pretty good place to buy glasses in Tokyo!
This image below is inspired by the glasses I got today... the name is Poison II.

Now I am a huge fan of this brand... Labyrinth.
I truly adore these glasses...