[090919] Inflatable World

Happy Birthday Bella!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Today, we went to Bella's 5th birthday party near Mission Center.
The place is called Inflatable World, and there are many air-filled sliders of giant ship, gorilla, shark... I was going to be just looking at the children have fun, but they got us to wear socks and slide!! Ah, it was so fun.

Here is a picture of the lovely cupcake that Bella made. And it was yum!!!!

After the party, we went back home to have a quick shower to rinse off all the sweat and everything... (Climbing up on the sliders and running with the children was something that I had not done for ages!) It was not until we got in that we finally cut off the green bands we got from Inflatable World.

I wonder if Bella is having another party next year... I'm in! Hahaha:)


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