[100623] Colorful Dotted Giraffe

The other day, I came up with an idea of crocheting a giraffe for some reason. Maybe I got bored with the project I have been working on lately... well, anyhow, I did crochet one today.

He is looking up to the sky, and it is because I ran out of the yarn to make the head, to tell you the truth... But I love how he came out anyway! :D

He can be purchased on my Etsy store.

Tonight, I had a drawing session with Bella again and now we have a bunch of new characters to make. FUN!!! Oh well, I gotta finish this current project and move back to the collaboration project with Bella!! Arrrgh!



[100610] Playing with clay

When I went up to Michael's last weekend, I got some clay to make something out of it. Since I finished working on my Hobbes yesterday, I can finally move on to this project and am so excited:)

Just to see how it comes out, I made a Useless and a Hodad dude. (Hodad's Hamburger restaurant is a great place to eat. Their hamburgers and fries are just AWESOME!!)

Well, I thought it would be great to make them into broaches, but I am not quite sure if they are hard enough to do so. The clay is an oven bake kind. I think I need a piece of wood or something to put it... Hmm...

But they sure look cute!! 



[100604] Wee Wedding Gift

A friend of mine is getting married in Portland, Oregon this month!!
I am broke enough to not be able to get something fancy for her and her man, I made a small gift by myself... Aww, I hope they like it:)

It's an ornament, with two little beans. As I put it in a box and getting it all ready for shipping, I realized that I like doing this kind of thing so much; design>make>wrap>ship. Haha, it all sounds funny, but I am loving it!

Anyway, congratulations to my friend, Chiemi, and her man, Ben!



[100601] Huhu Auto Charm

Learning about Etsy little by little these days, trying to put more stuff in my shop:)
I crocheted two small Huhu dolls to make auto charms.

I put it up on Etsy already. To check out this product on my Etsy store, click here
Hmm, what's next... how fun!!