[100126] Little canvas magnets

So... I have been playing with these little canvas I got from BLICK art supplies. I am having my very last week of my trip this week, and I wanted to finish up some things that I ever wanted since last Christmas. This is one of them... still in draft though...

I hope to make this and other canvas into magnets so that you can put them on your fridge or somewhere.



[100125] Useless Chicken Pot Pie

Hmm... pie crust... it has been very difficult to make some crust. Argh! But I don't give a damn... I made it anyway:) ! Useless chicken pot pie:D

I need to try this again, sometime. I really liked the outcome, but the texture of the pie crust was not good at all; way too hard. But still, cooking is so fun!



[100122] Happy Belate New Years!

I painted Useless and the other two dudes tonight. I ever wanted to paint this three-piece, but I didn't get to work on it until tonight, somehow. And I am so glad that I finished this now! Looks cute:)

Happy New Year Useless!



[100120] Useless -Doodles on iPhone-

I have finally set up my very first book on the site... Phew:)

This book is of my doodles on iPhone, and most of them are Useless, I mean, a dog whose name is Useless, and his friends, etc. Working on this book inspired me so much that I now have a lot of things I would like to do soon. I had a lot of fun doing this. Wahaha:D

It is on my site on blurb.com but it is kind of expensive, so please contact me if you want a copy of it, so I can offer you with the original price.

Thank you!



[100101] My 26th Birthday

Happy New Year people!!!
And yes, this is my birth day today... I am so old now.... aaahhh.

I am very happy to be who I am now, and to have all the people I have met by now.
I cannot thank everyone enough for being in my life, inspiring me in so many ways, and giving me great love.

I got wonderful gifts from my dear friends, Mai chan and Aby chan, for my birthday;)
Look at these beautiful drawings!!!

Thank you so much!!!! Love you all!!