[100428] Using organic materials

I have just finished crocheting another Useless this morning. He is made with cotton yarns, bamboo yarns, and cotton stuffings. I loved working on this because all the materials I used for this have very nice feel to them... especially the stuffings!:D

I think he is definitely the best one I have crocheted so far. As I put all parts together, he made me laugh just by the look. Hahaha



[100426] Crocheted Goldfish

I finished crocheting our goldfish, Titty, and it came out a bit different from what I was expecting, but I like this anyway! I might want to try crocheting another Titty sometime...

Titty, in the real world is more like a ball. This one I just finished looks more like some other goldfish. Anyway, I can't wait to show this to Bella who saw this unfinished last weekend:)



[100421] Scrap paper collage on mini canvases

I started collecting papers since last week, to make a basket out of them. But I found out that I need some extra tools to do it, so I used some papers for Origami, then this week, I ended up using it for mini canvases. Hahaha
Here is a picture of what I made in the past few days.

Left: Useless. (See the little Elmo on his tummy?:)
Right: Self-portrait. (I look like Chinese here...)

I find it fun to work with the papers, and I might be doing some more of it.


[100421] Paper bag from a convenience store

Don't ask me why, but I just love those little paper bags the convenience stores give me.
I always save them. I don't know, maybe I like the material. Some sort of recycled papers are very interesting to me. I drew a Useless on one:D

This is going to be my snack bag as we go out on weekends. Hehehe



[100416] Latest Mini Canvas

I have been away from my blog for a while... Here are some latest mini canvas paintings:)

Left: Mr. Funny Pants
Right: Mr. Sunny Pants
Those two characters were created by Bella, my little artist friend, while we were in Alabama.
She is so creative and she inspires me a lot. Amazing. She told me that Mr. Funny Pants is so mean. (Hahaha!) Very cute.

This one is Dragomander. He is half dragon and half salamander. I also crocheted this, and Bella loved it:) Oh, it is so fun doing art with her:D

I bought some bigger canvases last month, and I hope to paint Bella. Can't wait to work on it!!