[091012] Sunnie Dayz in Spore wif Ai -Day 4-

I am totally addicted to the fruits! Fruits for breakfast... Mm heaven!

Mama's hearty soup and some butterfly buns. Singapore has a bit of taste that I experienced in Okinawa. They are very different but in some aspects they share the same kind of impression to me. And I love it!

Nashi lemak! If I ever get to live in SG, I would have to be super careful NOT to gain weight, because it will be so easy to put on some weight within a day with all those yummy Singaporean/Malaysian/Chinese dishes!

Jackie kindly took me to Vivo city (shopping mall) to do the last minute shopping for souvenirs . After that, we had some creamy & spicy crab for dinner:D accompanied with a Tiger beer!!!

I think I already gained a couple of kilos during the stay! But it couldn't be helped, because they have so much delicious food! Ah, heaven!



[091011] Sunnie Dayz in Spore wif Ai -Day 3-

Mm mm mmmmmmm. Dragon fruit, pear... I could eat the whole plate, I mean it! Mwahaha

Fish flake pastries from mama. YUMMYYYYYYYY!!!

Today is the Jurong Bird Park day. An iguana was resting on the roof of the entrance. So cute!

Birds are beautiful, unless they throw out their bombs on top of me when they fly over me. Every time they fly over my head, I get nervous because they might be pooping on me. Yes, you never know when they do the things.....AHAHA

Plata for lunch. Rhys got a drink that was soooooo pink! It looked and tasted very foreign to me.

YUM YUM! What else can I say:)

Merlion in Sentosa Island. It was quite big and its eyes were blinking. Wooooow.

I liked this Hump Ahead Sign very much! Thank you for warning. Hahaha

I love this picture, thank you very much Rhys and Jackie!! (Letf: Rhys, Middle: Jackie, Right: Ai))



[091010] Sunnie Dayz in Spore wif Ai -Day 2-

We went out to a local food court nearby for breakfast, with Jackie's Mama:)
Look how delicious it looks! And it really is!! 

There was a market next to the food place, and there you go, welcome to Singapore, the king of the fruits, DURIAN!!! ahahahahaha

Her mama bought two durian for me and put them in the trunk, but it smelled from the trunk in the entire car:D wahahahaha
Today was the zoo day:) I wanted to visit Singapore zoo. I love animals!!!! Here is me, feeding the emu a tiny banana:) Thank you Jackie and Rhys, for taking me there!!!!

At night, we went to Night Safari, because it is right next to the zoo, and there was a halloween thing going on. The animal trail was so fun to walk around, and I really enjoyed the halloween things; many scary people were there... and they were hiding behind the trees to scare the hell out of people. I want to do that again sometime!!!!!



[091009] Sunnie Dayz in Spore wif Ai -Day 1-

My first time out to an asian country except Japan!
I went to work on the 8th in the morning, and took a half day off in the afternoon, jumped in the limousine bus to the airport, and finally, I was in Singapore in the night:D

At the airport, my dear friend, Jackie Lee, was waiting for me. We had never met until that moment, we had just known each other through the work and our mutual co-workers, but we were so sure that we have lots in common in thoughts, likes and dislikes, somehow.
So, when I came up with the idea of my trip to Singapore, Jackie kindly offered me a place to stay; her room in the cute apartment.

On the 9th, yum yum yummy Singaporean food greeted me:) (Thank you so much Jackie's mom!!!)
I was like, I LOVE it here already!!!!!

Egg tarts! Hmmmm Yum!!! I love all the fruits they have!!!!!!! So fresh and juicy:) 

We did a prank to JY (who is from the Singapore office of our company), and my role then was to pretend to be a girl from Hong Kong who was born and lived in the states, and is a friend of Jackie's. The scenario was something like we were shopping in a shopping mall around lunch time, JY and their colleagues were shopping in their lunch break (a special thanks to Rhys, who took care of setting up all the situation, like take him out to the mall etc;), and we just bump into them and say ooooooohhh hey, this is my friend from HK... blah blah blah:) It went quite well! JY didn't notice that it was me at first. When he kinda realized that I cannot really speak Chinese even though I was supposed to be from HK, he got suspicious about the whole thing, and Jackie couldn't hold her laugh looking at his face, then we finally told everything to him. I still remember what he said to me. We asked who he thought I was, and he goes, "Hmm... Ai, ah? So you really came here ah."

After lunch and the prank, we walked by the China town, and Fullerton Hotel for sightseeing.

What a fun day!!!