[091011] Sunnie Dayz in Spore wif Ai -Day 3-

Mm mm mmmmmmm. Dragon fruit, pear... I could eat the whole plate, I mean it! Mwahaha

Fish flake pastries from mama. YUMMYYYYYYYY!!!

Today is the Jurong Bird Park day. An iguana was resting on the roof of the entrance. So cute!

Birds are beautiful, unless they throw out their bombs on top of me when they fly over me. Every time they fly over my head, I get nervous because they might be pooping on me. Yes, you never know when they do the things.....AHAHA

Plata for lunch. Rhys got a drink that was soooooo pink! It looked and tasted very foreign to me.

YUM YUM! What else can I say:)

Merlion in Sentosa Island. It was quite big and its eyes were blinking. Wooooow.

I liked this Hump Ahead Sign very much! Thank you for warning. Hahaha

I love this picture, thank you very much Rhys and Jackie!! (Letf: Rhys, Middle: Jackie, Right: Ai))


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