[120113] Flag quilts

Since the last fourth of July, I have always wanted to make an American flag to hand on our door... and it was a great chance for me to use some of the fabric and batting that I received from the international quilt contest:) I know that there is still a half year until the next fourth of July... but I like how it came out anyway! Cute!!

And as a Japanese, I had to make a Japanese flag as well!!

I quilted my family crest "Daki Miyoga" inside the red circle. Hehehe;)



[120105] Useless Baby Quilt

The last project of the year of 2011 was my first baby quilt challenge...
It's for my nephew, little baby Henry:)
I finished this piece one day after he was born!! It was so much fun working on this, thinking of him and his lovely parents, Corrie, and Benjamin.

Today, Corrie sent me a picture of him with the quilt, and I am very, very happy to hear that they like my quilt! Yay, yay!!