[091012] Sunnie Dayz in Spore wif Ai -Day 4-

I am totally addicted to the fruits! Fruits for breakfast... Mm heaven!

Mama's hearty soup and some butterfly buns. Singapore has a bit of taste that I experienced in Okinawa. They are very different but in some aspects they share the same kind of impression to me. And I love it!

Nashi lemak! If I ever get to live in SG, I would have to be super careful NOT to gain weight, because it will be so easy to put on some weight within a day with all those yummy Singaporean/Malaysian/Chinese dishes!

Jackie kindly took me to Vivo city (shopping mall) to do the last minute shopping for souvenirs . After that, we had some creamy & spicy crab for dinner:D accompanied with a Tiger beer!!!

I think I already gained a couple of kilos during the stay! But it couldn't be helped, because they have so much delicious food! Ah, heaven!


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