[091010] Sunnie Dayz in Spore wif Ai -Day 2-

We went out to a local food court nearby for breakfast, with Jackie's Mama:)
Look how delicious it looks! And it really is!! 

There was a market next to the food place, and there you go, welcome to Singapore, the king of the fruits, DURIAN!!! ahahahahaha

Her mama bought two durian for me and put them in the trunk, but it smelled from the trunk in the entire car:D wahahahaha
Today was the zoo day:) I wanted to visit Singapore zoo. I love animals!!!! Here is me, feeding the emu a tiny banana:) Thank you Jackie and Rhys, for taking me there!!!!

At night, we went to Night Safari, because it is right next to the zoo, and there was a halloween thing going on. The animal trail was so fun to walk around, and I really enjoyed the halloween things; many scary people were there... and they were hiding behind the trees to scare the hell out of people. I want to do that again sometime!!!!!


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