[090905] Lovely Lucky

My dog, Lucky is originally from Okinawa.
Back in early 2005, when I was studying Bashoshi (a kind of handmade papers) during the end of my 3rd year of Univ., I met her at the vet nearby the place that I was staying in.
Her birthday is the 24th of December, 2004. At the first impression, I knew I would take her with me back to Tokyo. Even though she was only one and a half months old, she got on the plane and took a two hour train ride afterward, and she was as energetic as ever when she finally met and joined my family in Chiba.

This summer, two of my team members spent their vacations in Okinawa, and they make me want to go there, too, by telling me their awesome stories they had.... *sigh*

But, I will be off soon, too. My summer vacation is coming up in a week... Can't wait!!!:D


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