[090914] Ocean Beach

This is something I do every single time I visit San Diego. Going to the Living Room Coffee House! I had Raspberry Cheesecake. Since almost everything comes in a generous portion in the states, I knew that I wouldn't be able to finish if I ordered anything else with my cake, like salads, sandwiches, etc. But there was a green salad looking yummy on our table, so I couldn't resist to taste it... (Who ordered it? Hehehe, thank you...)

After the late lunch, we went to Ocean Beach to check out the antique shops there.
There is our favorite antique shop, but funny, I never cared about the store name... Okay, next time, I will keep my eye open and find out what the shop name is:) The picture below is taken from the front door of the shop. Hope this may be a wee hint for those of you who know OB pretty well...

One of the reasons why I love OB is that there is a dog beach and it is very soothing for me to walk around. I am a dog person. Things that come to my mind when I hear the word "OB" are; Hippies, Skate borders, Antique shops, Dogs, and Oysters:) I adore this place!


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