[102015] Useless Doll

I got some paper clay last Saturday and I made a Useless doll. He came to live!!! YAY!
Snapshot 1: At the table with my paints on the back...

Snapshot 2: Morning coffee.

Snapshot 3: Quick dog nap in the afternoon.
Snapshot 4: Another cup of coffee. It's HUGE!!

Snapshot 5: This is my baby pool... but it's a bit too chilly for bathing today.
Snapshot 6: Up on the tree! (with a leaf in my crotch...)

Snapshot 7: Mm' heaven! Love salads!!

Snapshot 8: Take me home, dude.

He will explore the world more from now on. And he says he wants to help me cook someday, and he sure will:) Mwahahahaha 


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