[120402] Quilted Sewing Machine Cover

I clean my sewing machine every once in a while, inside out, but it still gets dusty as it is just sitting on my desk. I had this idea of making a cover just to have my precious sewing machine protected from everyday dust.

Looked at my fabric drawer to seek for what to use for the cover, and I saw this beautiful bubbly blue fabric that I purchased from Rosie's couple of months ago. Hmm, it kind of looks like water. Then I came up with an aquarium theme design....

This picture above is the front side with mermaid Useless, and on the back side there is Dragomander. I love how it came out:) It also has an opening on top where you can pull up the handle of the sewing machine so that you can carry it with the cover on.

Now I am working on my mom's birthday gift, and it is going to be a lap quilt...
Happy quilting everybody!


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