[120921] ATC's Challenge at Quilting Arts Magazine

After finishing an art quilt for 2012 International Quilt Week Yokohama (Japan), I decided to try the latest reader challenge on Quilting Arts Magazine. You will find out about the challenge on their website, if you are interested in participating! Fun, fun!!

The theme is "What's in your heart?" I thought of my husband (Haha), my family, my dog, my dreams..., and then, somehow, I remembered a conversation we had with our neighbor. "What kind of super power would you like to have?" We came up with a couple of things, but I only had one that I would LOVE to have as my super power... To be able to fly!!! One night, I had a dream that I was flying over houses, buildings, mountains, and valleys. Since then, it's always been in my heart. That's where my quilt for the challenge came from:)

It's me, flying over the mountains! I wish I could fly like this. That would be so amazing.


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