[121222] Mail Lady Quilt

I have been telling this to my husband so many times... I love our mail lady!:)
She is always smiling, and every time we schedule a pick up and she comes to our door, she brings the mails with her, instead of just putting them in the mail box, and says "This is for you!"

This holiday season, I was inspired to make a small thing to give to her, as a Christmas gift.
I stated working on it, thinking of a fabric holiday card with the USPS logo on it. And then I thought, hmm... maybe the USPS truck will be cute..., then I prepared all pieces of fabric to form her truck with the logo. But it was already too big for a card, and I couldn't go any smaller because the logo was a bit complicated to applique.
My husband asked me, "What are you making?" and all I could say was,"I... don't know."

After two days, I finally finished it. It's a pot holder! (I think. Well, maybe she can decide what to use it as...)

Too bad that we don't even know her name. But that's okay, she is awesome anyway!
I hope she likes it...


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