[100805] First Pumpkin of this summer

When I was about to leave home today, my grandma called me from the back yard and said 'Hey Ai, check this out. Tada-! Kabocha!!'
Kabocha is pumpkins in Japanese:) I was totally stunned when I saw it; it was HUGE!:D I have seen even bigger ones abroad, but this one is definitely one of the biggest I've ever seen in Japan... She is such a great farmer. Here is a picture of my grandma and her deliciously grown pumpkin.

'We will have some pumpkin salad, tonight,' she smiled.

It is so amazing that she actually grows something like this awesome full grown vegetable in such a small back yard. When I get to have a house one day, I would definitely try the same as she does. My grandma is also a great chef, and I always ask her, 'How did you cook? May I have your recipe? ...please?' and she ALWAYS says, 'Nothing special. Just add some love:)' and she never tells me the recipe. Haha, but I know she doesn't measure ingredients, and she just uses what she has in the kitchen and fridge, so I don't complain;)
I think those vegetables she grows are also filled with lots of love, and that is why they are so delicious.



  1. Sugoi ^^ Such a beautiful pumpkin!) Your grandma is a magician :)

  2. Arigato!:) Yes, she is a great farmer<3
    Not only it looked beautiful, but also it tasted fantastic!