[100820] Docomo dake mushroom

My friend Jon from Chicago sent me a gift early this year, and I ever wanted to send something back to him since then. And here I come, I crocheted a Docomo dake mushroom doll for him, as I remember when he visited Japan, he seemed to be really liking it. For those of you who have no idea what the mushroom dude is, here is a link to its wiki page.

It's been shipped today via EMS, so I hope he will receive it sometime next week:) I wonder what he says. Hahaha

I am not being cocky here, but I am pretty satisfied how it came out actually. I even thing I should have taken some notes to remember how I made this. In case there is anybody who wants one, or wants a pattern for this, please contact me so I can do my best for you:)

Next up, another crochet doll for another precious friend of mine. Fun!!


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