[090823] Lunch with Mari san

I had lunch with Mari san from Ireland today!! So nice to see her again.
We went to Bangkok kitchen (Corido branch, Asahi chan!) and had lunch specials. Mari san had green curry, and I had Pat Thai (spelling...?). Yum yum yum...
This happens to me a lot, but I forgot to take pictures of the dishes... you know, when you are hungry, you can think nothing but eating it as soon as it arrives at your table... haha, so I just had to take a picture of my after-meal iced coffee...

She is such a wonderful woman. She always inspires me.
We often get to talk about this, but we actually met through an SNS. We'd never known each other unless we had an account on the site. So amazing.
I think it does not always work this way, but so far, for us, it is working just right. I have met lots of people through SNS, and we are still great friends, and the same to her, she says.
Today, living with this IT world, I am sure I will meet tons of cool new people through the web in the future. No doubt.


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