[100528] My Etsy Store Stickers

I have been trying to set up my Etsy store front these days. In one of their email letters, I read that it's good to have some stuff to make my products nicer when I make a sale, like a letter head or a thank you card, stickers, business cards, etc. Something that looks professional. Haha! I mean, I haven't made any sales yet, and have no idea how long it will take for me to make my very first one, but I just don't want to let it fade out. I really want to keep doing it. It will be a bit frustrating for sure, until everything settles down, but I have the people around me, who encourage me. I cannot thank them enough for that.

So, here is a picture of the stickers I got; Even though I say they are stickers, they aren't. I didn't have anything and was broke enough to refuse buying some equipment, so I just printed out on a regular paper, and I am going to stick it by myself.

I have also been working on a project for a hamburger restaurant lately, and it's almost done. I don't make any money out of it, but it is absolutely pleasurable to work on it, because I can see the restaurant's owner's happy face:) That is to me, the ultimate beauty of doing art; I just love seeing people like my stuff and smile on me.


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