[100717] Who ate the eggplants?

We've had a massive amount of rain, and all plants and trees are deep green by now.
The vegetables in my grandma's garden are doing great. She has cucumbers, pumpkins, watermelons, goya, herbs, oranges, uh, so many delicious food:) Last night, she and I were standing in front of her eggplants and looking for something. Worms. Not only the leaves but also the fruits have been damaged by something, possibly caterpillars, and we tried to find them but didn't see anything.

This morning, I looked again closely, but didn't see any either. When I got inside and was having breakfast, my grandma screamed and said, "Ai, I found it! Come check it out!!"

The one who has been eating her eggplants like crazy, was this beautiful colored HUGE caterpillar:D

She said it was pretending to be a branch. Haha, I was like saying to this caterpillar, "Sorry, but you are too bright and big to camouflage!"


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