[101104] Useless by Yoko

Yoko Iogawa is a brilliant illustrator in Japan, and one of my best friends:) (Check out her blog by clicking here!) Many thanks to her for taking time to draw Useless for me, although she's been super busy at work... and her Useless is just adorable!!! Kawaii!!!!

She always gives me inspiration every time I see her. Such a creative person! When we had lunch together in Kashiwa the other day, there was a booth that was selling some Japanese sweets and snaks, and she had Gohei-mochi there. It is rice cake coated with miso based sauce, and she loved it. In the drawing, Useless is holding the Gohei-mochi she had:) So cute! Gohei-mochi is usually formed differently, like the one on this website, but the one we saw was shaped like Dango. I had a different kind, and it was delicious as well... we need to do that again sometime! Hahaha

Thanks again for everything, Yoko!


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