[101129] Useless travels Russia

It's monday today, started out a new week and it is going to be a tough week; many paperworks as December's coming up, and 5 working day week this week. I was feeling a bit low and dull, until I found this card from Russia in my mail box.

This is just beautiful! I love it so much!! It sure made my day<3 Useless in this picture looks so happy and excited to be in Moscow, traveling with his scarf and glives on. How creative this is... so amazing.

I have never been to Russia, but I would love to travel if I ever get a chance. Russia in my mind is a place that is really, really cold. I love the cap he is wearing, by the way! (I <3 Moscow cap) Hehe, Useless has a heart on his cheek, I wonder where he got that from:) Thank you so much for this card, Olya!


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