[101204] Useless from Texas

I received a mail from Texas today. Opened it up with excitement as I knew there would be a drawing of Useless inside:)

The sender, Bizzlebee, first contacted me on Postcrossing and told me about her amazing idea for her daughter's birthday. Her daughter loves Japan and she wanted to collect as many Japan-related postcards as she could, and give them to her daughter as a surprise gift. What a sweet mom!!! I was in to the idea, needless to say, and I sent out a card to Texas. The envelope I got today, was supposed to be a card from her. As it was enclosed in an envelope, I thought that would have been to protect the card from any incident during transit, but it was not... She enclosed two drawings of Useless, two sets of Useless stickers, and a message card!!!!!! I was speechless to see all of the beautiful artwork she made. You are so creative Bizzlebee!;)

From the left, "Useless Astronaut", "Useless Texan", and Useless stickers. They are so beautiful, and I feel so happy to see that she even drew Neko on the stickers!! I love all of them<3 Thank you Bizzlebee!!!
Useless in space is such a great drawing... I like his ears curled up within the suit. So cute! Hahaha:D