[100901] Detective Useless

So, I got to send a postcard to a girl from China, and she says she would like a handmade card, and I was wondering what I should draw for her. When I talked to my boyfriend on the phone and asked him for ideas, then he suggested me draw something about detectives, as her profile says she loves detective stories. After the phone call, I sat at the desk and worked on it. Here is a picture of the postcard that is going to travel Wenzhou, China:)

Dragomander is supposed to be Useless's assistant in this one. (For those who don't know what Dragomander is, he is a hald dragon / half salamander little creature:) He is one of Useless's friends.) My friends from Singapore said I should go for writing a book of Useless, and I would love to do that in the future. I want to make a book of Useless, not only drawn by me but everybody from all across the world. Hmm... just to think of it makes me excited already!;)


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