[100920] GOPAN cafe

When I was checking out some recipes on my favorite cooking site "Cookpad", I came across this new product by SANYO, called GOPAN. It's a bread maker, and you can make rice bread from actual rice, which means you don't need to go get rice powder to make rice bread. So I instantly fell in love with it, and I went to see what it tastes like, all the way down to Omotesando today. What I like about the product already, is that you can also make normal bread with flour as well. I have never own a home-bakery, but GOPAN made me feel like getting one...

A lovely cafe called Zipzap in Omotesando was hosting the promotional campaign of GOPAN, titled GOPAN cafe. I arrived there at 11:40 am, which is only 10 minutes after the opening, but there was already a queue and I had to wait for a little bit. They serve a sampler with a regular order from the Zipzap cafe menu. As I just wanted to taste the bread, I ordered something small -- a cake set (The top picture is the cake I had. Chocolate & Berry cake... Yummy!). The rice bread was delicious. I would love to get a GOPAN already, but the concern is how much it will be... Well, I will see... 


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