[100923] Mina Petra artwork

Somehow, I got to be an interpreter for the Croatian booth at JATA event in Tokyo Big Sight. And I met some beautiful ladies wearing beautiful hats!! I wondered who they are, but I really liked the hats, so I asked them if it's okay to take pictures. They said "Oh, thank you. She made it." and then I looked at one of the ladies and she was the artist!!! I was soooooooooo excited. Okay, okay, here is a picture of the lady I first talked to:

Isn't it beautiful? I mean, both ladies and the hats:)
The picture below is of the artist, Mina Petra from Croatia.

She was such a cute lady. I crochet as well, so I gave a small gift to her. (I hope she likes it;) She did a fashion show at the event. This whole experience made me feel like visit Croatia someday... Hmm... Places I want to visit in my life are; China, Thailand, Vietnam, Egypt, Italy, Ireland, and Croatia. Hehe, I love traveling!

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