[100910] Halloween Neko card

Yes, I know it's way too early. HAHAHA
Postcrossing told me to send a card to Taiwan, and the receiver really likes cats, but I didn't have any cat-related cards at the moment, and I thought.... I have Neko! I don't know, if she likes it, but I am sending this anyway. Safe trip, Neko chan:)

I have been loving Postcrossing a lot and it's been a month since I signed up for it. So fast. I told this to one of my friend when I saw her recently, but she says 'Eh, you have to give them your real address, right? that's creepy. they are total strangers, you know...' Well, that is true in a way, but it's like you don't go into the ocean because you are afraid of sharks and everything but once you got in, you will be amazed how beautiful underwater world is. Of course there are sharks and other predetors and such, but to me, it's so interesting to be able to meet 'people' online and getting something 'real' as written on an actual postcard. Anyway, that is just my opinion:)


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